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  • Mon Chant (Musique) Libre. Interview à Nawel Ben Kraïem

    Une voix aussi douce et captivante que dramatique et puissante, celle de Nawel Ben Kraïem, qui mêle la culture d’origine et celle qui l’accueille dans une étreinte qui n’est pas dépourvue de conflit. Une musique qui ne laisse pas “à mi-chemin”, mais qui sauve de la perte d’identité (Video-intervista in italiano a Nawel Ben Kraïem […]

  • IHU di Marsiglia: Idrossiclorochina e Azitromicina contro il coronavirus

    di Gabriele Bonafede La notizia era già circolata grazie a un articolo pubblicato dal Lancet un paio di settimane fa. L’articolo dimostrava con uno studio che l’Idrossiclorochina e Azitromicina sono efficaci nel ridurre la letalità del coronavirus. Non solo la mortalità “per coronavirus” ma anche, e soprattutto, “con coronavirus”, visto che qui in Italia si […]

  • Brexit is coming. Catastrophic for UK and a blow even for Italy

    According to the study by the University of Leuven (Belgium), Italy would lose 139 thousand jobs and 18.5 billion euros with the Brexit No-Deal (questo articolo in Italiano, qui) by Gabriele Bonafede The Brexit account will be expensive for the United Kingdom. All the studies prove it. And the United Kingdom trades for several tens […]

  • Letter from Boris Johnson: blackmail to Europe with bluff

    (In questo link lo stesso articolo in italiano) by Gabriele Bonafede And now, the pompous and unfriendly Boris Johnson discovers the cards of his bluff. Proposing, in fact, a blackmail to Europe. Mind you, it is not the United Kingdom, but he and the dormant annual Conservative Assembly who propose this grotesque clowning. A clown that […]

  • A rising Star to lead Italian government

    Gabriele Bonafede Mr Di Maio (pictured), a 31-year-old politician of Five Stars Movement will probably lead talks to form a new Italian government – his party having won 31% of the vote in Italian general elections. The Five Stars Movement clearly won the national vote under a mostly proportional system. It is way ahead of […]

  • Brexit, UK government splashing with Mordaunt onto the moon

    Gabriele Bonafede Facing a complete failure of Brexit, Mrs May decided for a splashing move. She appointed as a new Minister Ms Penny Mordaunt – a harsh brexiteer MP who blatantly showed her incompetence about EU’s rules in a BBC talk. Ms Mourdant is famous in UK for at least three incredible exhibits exposing her […]

  • Mrs May reinventing the wheel and selling hot air in Italy

      Gabriele Bonafede In Italy, when we want to describe a dodging nonsense speech, we call it aria fritta. Literally “fried air”, it can be translated into English as hot air – and its unpalatable smoke. (Qui lo stesso articolo in italiano) As Mrs May spoke in Florence, Italy, on how to handle the impossible […]

  • Brexit, UK government and the moon

    Gabriele Bonafede You can always approve a decree affirming that the moon does not exist anymore. You can also pass a decree imposing that Great Britain is now on the moon and not in Europe anymore. The moon and Europe will remain there nevertheless. Theresa May and her government do not realize that. Instead, they […]

  • How Sicily can pave the way to a fascist government in Italy

    Gabriele Bonafede   Elections are approaching in Sicily to pick the next “governor” and form a new regional parliament in the framework of a semi-autonomous statute and a local electoral law. Opinion polls reveal that among most likely candidates to win there is Mr Musumeci, a member of ex-fascist Movimento Sociale Italiano and former vice-minister […]